Some of these battles were fought long ago, as in “Goosepastures”some are being fought but seemingly almost lost today, as in “Cliffs” but no reason not to keep fighting them for the sake purely of being on the right side. Some are personal battles connected with advancing years, some battles against the powers that be who always seem to want to take away everything good and replace it with crap.

Cover design by Dave Taylor.
Photoshopped by Anna Kyle.
Mixed and mastered by Greg Tempest at www.gregsmusicroom. com

Julia Taylor: lead vocal and concertina on “Going and Staying”
Sarah Brookman: Accordion on “Goosepastures”
Steve Cartwright: Fiddle on “The Devil’s Man”.
Steve White: Melodeon on “The Devil’s Man”.
Martin Tabraham: Whistle on “Old Clothes”.

All songs written and arranged by Dave Taylor except “The Devil’s Man” loosely based on “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” by The Charlie Daniels Band;©Universal Music Publishers, 1979“The Recruited Eric” based on the trad song “The Recruited Collier”; “Kick in the Proverbials” based on “Another Brick in the Wall” by Roger Waters:
© Pink Floyd Publishers, 1979; “3 Minute Limit” loosely based on the style of Oasis ; “Menopausal Men” -loosely based on “Girls with Guitars” by Mary Chapin Carpenter; ©Sony/ATV,1994:“Going and Staying” -poem by Thomas Hardy set to music by Howard Evans of Brass Monkey:©Topic Records, 2001: Intro and outro to “Writing on the Wall” from “The Veteran” by The Copper Family.

1.Grown Up Now
A song about lads -growing up, or rather losing the battle to do so.
2. Journey Song
I love the feel of old railway stations...now mostly lost.
3. On Me Exercise Bike
That constant losing battle to shed the pounds and ounces.
4. Goosepastures
Possibly the first historical reference to Diggers and Levellers in an ill fated anti enclosure rebellion on the Leics /Northants border in 1607.
5. The Devil’s Man
The losing battle to adequately master a new musical instrument
6. Wishful Thinking
The losing battle against reality.
7. Three Minute Limit
The losing battle against increasing low attention span.
8. Cliffs
The losing battle to maintain the things our parents and grandparents fought for including unfortunately the NHS. At the moment
9. Kick in the Proverbials
The losing battle many teachers face every day. The boot was by now firmly on the other foot from when the original song was written.
10. Writing on the Wall
The way we treat our ex-servicemen always seems to have been the same—a
seemingly losing battle to change that.
11. Kilroy
“The painter’s work has been a losing battle ” - and always will be I fear.
12. Space and Time
The losing battle to find either these days - and it’s not getting better.
13. The Recruited Eric
The losing battle to stop a friend going over to “The Dark Side”.
14. Old Clothes
To all our friends who are ex– Leicestershire miners—that long running “losing battle”which we all remember. Hopefully healing the scars!
15. Menopausal Men with Expensive Guitars
That losing battle against advancing years again, and those who just won’t
accept you can’t win that one, however “born again” you may feel!
16. Roly Poly Army
The losing battle to shed the pounds again—for gender balance listen to “Exercise Bike”
17. Going and Staying
Thought this Howard Evans/Brass Monkey setting of Hardy’s poem a fitting way to finish—with a hint of optimism to finish!