Life is a runaway fairground ride
One day you climb, the next you slide;
The merry-go-round, the dodgem car
Then the roller-coaster's where you are

One day your life is calm as can be
Run on rails that you can see,
The cogs turn nicely at a steady rate
But you know you never CAN trust fate!

Round the corner then up you go
Exalting over the earth below
You soar and swoop, feel so alive
But then before you comes the dive.

Plummeting to the ground you fall,
No air to breathe, you lose it all,
You cling on tight, your fingers bunch,
You're lucky if you keep your lunch!

With spinning head you disembark
And,looking wildly round the park,
Grab a seat as a safety net
But that is boring, so up you get

And climb aboard a carousel
It's spinning round but, what the Hell,
Rising, falling, gathering speed,
Soon your ears will start to bleed!

Then the Ghost Train grabs your eye,
Demons and skeletons flying by,
Let dead things pass and soldier on
And head towards the House of Fun.

Mirrors here distort your view,
You're not the person that you knew;
Beneath your feet the floor does shake
You trip and stumble till you take

The exit that looks safest then
You find the Hall of Mirrors again!
Your image is everywhere but you can't feel
Which one of them is really real.

Is this me, or that one, there?
Look wildly round, then stop and stare
Perhaps those images have facets
Which together make up ALL your assets

Each one shows a different side
They're mostly good, no need to hide,
Put segments together to form the whole
Then realise YOU'RE IN CONTROL.
The Bard of Broughton Astley