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Clever People

This is a catalogue of the countless times the "experts" have got it totally wrong -the quote about Hitler "stopping off to smell the flowers is an actual quote from a journalist at the time of the invasion of Czechoslovakia

Family Holidays

A kind of musical picture postcard George Formby style-but what George have made of a modern seaside holiday ?


Marriages that used to be made in heaven are nowadays made in a solicitor's wallet ! The song was written in the early 1970's and makes Leonard Cohen sound like Black Lace. I have however been reliably informed that the lady in question got it all sorted in the end.

Songs of Praise

Written after watching one of those Sunday religious programs- where do they get those congregations for the church services - more to the point, where were they last week - I've been told this song bears a resemblance to a poem called "The Church Mouse".

Oddsock Blues

The first song wot i wrote! student days musing in a launderette -why did I always end up with a sock missing ? Personally I still believe in the "one legged pervert " theory. The song rambles off in its own direction in verses 2 and 3.

Song for Desmond

Written in memory of the late Desmond Lewtas of Crowborough, East Sussex, who was one of the handful of people to change the way I think about life, and who gave me the original idea for this song. Some years later I heard an extremely bossy infant school headmistress saying that the school boiler was broken but that there was a "little man" on his way to fix it -in fact when he turned up he was a bit like Giant Haystacks.

Under the Baseball Cap

Title track of the CD -apparently it has been scientifically proved that we reduce our intelligence by 30% merely by putting a baseball cap on our heads -this becomes 60% if the cap is worn backwards. I've even seen a morris dancer wearing one and one worn to a funeral.

Cool and In Control

There are those who are 'cool' or think they are -this song is for the rest of us ! Features John Montague on Telecaster.

Fifty Miles of Stormy Water

Written as a result of two delightful summers spent driving around Southern Ireland. I'm glad we got there before the arrival of timeshare and target setting. I've tried to weave a few historical elements into the song - listen out for Martin's brilliant double tracked whistle at the end of the song.

Service with a Smile

Another early song written in the 70's. One way to give a song a short shelf life is to include the name of a politician -perhaps we could rewrite that verse for Mr Blair -but then again he'll probably soon be yesterday's news, won't he ?

The Devonshyre Plonkere

Written in ale sodden moments in (we think) 1973. Most of the really good lines were down to Merv as I remember. He was amazed that the song can still raise a titter, even among traditional singers.


I'd always wanted to write a country song but couldn't come up with a lyric that was simple but not embarrassingly naff.Val is our resident bard at the Seagrave workshop and wrote "Amber" after watching a TV program called "Lost Highway", about the beginnings of American folk music. I thought it was crying out for a tune and wrote this for Julia to sing.


Nottingham has "Nottingham Town", Derby has "The Derby Ram" but poor old Leicester missed out because its song got nicked. About the same time as the Isle of Wight Festival a hooded figure was seen coming out of Cecil Sharpe House and the rare "Ancient Wooliback" maunuscript went AWOL only to appear on a Joni Mitchell album.. It was recently rediscovered and now appears on the CD -only joking, Joni, I'll see you get your royalties for the toon.

No Place Like Rome

Written at the time of the Ronald Reagan "Star Wars" insane nuclear posturing. I always feel there is a lot in common between the maddest of the Roman Emperors and the country where the main impediment to becoming President seems to be the possession of a brain. Apart from this, it's just good old fashioned Rock n' Roll INNIT ? Keith Phelpstead, who designed the front cover of the CD, and is an excellent blues singer takes ther lead vocal on this track and John Montagu's powerhouse slide guitar combine to give some real wellie to the last track on the CD