All About Dave and Julia (On the Fence)....
Dave first started writing songs in the early 1970's-exactly when he can't pinpoint-as a result of getting involved in the folk scene around the Tunbridge Wells area - "a pub called "The Compasses" as I recall." He was influenced by the writing of Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Roy Harper and Jeremy Taylor.

He moved to Leicestershire in 1973 where he has lived ever since. He continued to write songs until the late seventies, the high point being, one would suppose reaching the Midlands final of the
Melody Maker Folk Rock Contest , receiving a special commendation from the judges. From the late seventies to nigh on the millennium he wrote absolutely nothing due to the demands of a family and teaching career, emerging about twenty years ago as a "born again folkie". Out of over 160 songs He's written, about three quarters have arrived in the last 20 years. Most of them have seen their debut at the club Dave and Julia now run, at the WHITE HORSE, SEAGRAVE, near Leicester

Apart from the songwriters mentioned earlier, Dave has been influenced by 25 years teaching children, and also by the times spent working on farms and building sites. I think there is a lot of building site humour (slightly censored) in the songs.

Julia has always loved folk clubs but did not sing in public until she had passed her 50th birthday, but is now regarded as a fine singer, whose voice has gained a lot of depth over the last 20 years with experience - she also plays English concertina. A typical"On the Fence" gig will consist of a mix of Dave's songs and songs by other writers with Julia usually doing the lead vocal and Dave putting on harmony vocal. "On the Fence" have produced two CDs and Dave has produced
5 of his own songs. The vocal harmonies that "On the Fence" do are one of the most commonly praised aspects of their music.

A Short Note on Guitars by Dave

I don't play hideously expensive guitars. The fingerpicking tracks on the CD are played on a Seagull, the flatpick/strum ones on a Simon and Patrick.
I gave up on being the fastest guitar in the west about 35 years ago and just try to get a guitar accompaniment that will carry the song in the best way.
I can recommend both the above as excellent value for money-under £400 for quality Canadian instruments.