St George and the Dragon

St George he was a gallant knight
In burnished armour shining bright
He roamed o'er England's island fair
Some doughty deed to do.

In a hidden valley's grassy dell
He heard of where a dragon dwell
It seemed unlikely but he thought
To go see if it was true.

Along leafy lanes he rode his steed
By sleeppy straems all flanked with reed
Until a hillside came in view
With a cave sunk in its side

A plume of smoke came forth and there
It proved the dragon had its lair
So George he scouted round and called
The dragon to come out.

The beast, quite startled by the sound
Emerged and blearily gazed round
TO see what had disturbed its dreams
And saw George on his milk white horse

George stood up in his stirrups high
The weary dragon gave a sigh,
"Another idiot foe to fight"
And lumbered up the hill.

George galloped up and round and round
Until he reached the top of the mound
Where the dragon stood, wreathed in smoke,
As it tried to raise a flame.

Alas, poor dragon, it had no heat
For instead of maidens it had to eat
Only grass and vegetation
Which gave it severe wind.

"Have at thee, dragon" and at a glance
George struck the dragon with his lance
Between the scales the point slid in
And the dragon lay there dead.

George raised his shield and drew his sword
"I won," he yelled, but at his word
A damsel from the cave came out
And this is what she said:

I suppose you think that's brave and clever
To persecute a beast who never
Harmed a soul in all his days;
You bully", the maiden yelled.

From inside her tunic, she withdrew
A clipboard and a form of blue.
"Sign this," she ordered, very brusque
And George, bemused, obeyed.

"You'll appear in court before the crown",
The damsel said and hauled him down
And with the summons in her hand
Took him before the king.

"Dear me! What dreadful deed is this
Your behaviour has been much amiss."
With that the KIng condemned him
To a dungeon dark and deep.

So heed this tale all gentle folk
When at poor, dumb animals you poke
Be sure your sins will find you out
And you'll be made to pay!