On The Fence _"Just Good Songs"

The name "On the Fence" came about at the
Seagrave Folk Workshop where we have sung
together for about five years now. The workshop
had the country contingent and the folk
contingent and we managed to keep a foot in
both camps:- hence the choice of names was
either "On the Fence" or "Balance of Power" - but
we didn't think the latter was a serious runner for
a name. Our philosophy is that a good song is a
good song -there are some really brilliant folk
songs and there are some ace country songs
-many of the songs on the CD are ones which
aren't standards but which we think ought to be
-of course it does all come down to a matter of
taste but we hope you will think these are good
songs as well.

Songs on the CD

1. Rose of England (Nick Lowe)
2.Long Shadows (Maddy Prior)
3. Go Rest High (Vince Gill)
4. Bonny Portmore (trad)
5. If I Needed You (Townes Van Zandt)
6. Garton Mother's Lullaby (trad)
7. In the Dreamtime (Ralph McTell)
8. Rainy Day (Val Marshall-George, Dave Taylor)
9. Lord Gregory (trad)
10. Strawberry Wine (Matraca Berg, Gary Harrison)
11. The Captain Cried (trad tune byTim Garland)
12. What if we Fly (Mark Selby, Tia Sellars)
13. Golden Golden ( Andy.M.Stewart)
14. My Songbird (Jesse Winchester)
15. Wild Iris (K.Campbell, I.Campbell, I.Pierce)
16. Down at the Twist and Shout (Mary