Dave -first CD
1. Clever People
2. Family Holidays
3. Mary
4. Songs of Praise
5. Oddsock Blues
6. Song for Desmond
7. Under the Baseball Cap
8. Cool and In Control
9. Fifty Miles of Stormy Water
10 Service with a Smile
11 The Devonshyre Plonkere
12 Amber
13 Kerreh
14 No Place Like Rome
Other musicians featured on the CD:

John Montague: Guitar on "Cool and In Control" and slide
guitar on "No Place Like Rome".

Keith Phelpstead: Lead vocal on "No Place Like Rome".

Martin Tabraham: High and low whistles on "Fifty Miles of Stormy Water"

Julia Taylor: Lead vocal on "Amber".

All songs written by Dave Taylor except
Amber, lyrics by Val Marshall-George, melody by Dave Taylor, The Devonshyre Plonkere, written by Mervyn Hathaway and Dave Taylor, Kerreh, lyrics by Dave Taylor, melody by Joni Mitchell, © Joni Mitchell Music 1971.

Front cover desiged by
Keith Phelpstead.

Invaluable advice on recording from John Montague and Robert Elverstone.

Recorded using Cubasis and Tascam US122 interface.
John Montague
"There's a kind of you know what I maen, a kind of great big blob,
Where forty watts of braincell drive fifty megawatts of gob.
Close by a burned out matress lie twenty number six,
Bull terrier straining at the leash where ignorance is bliss;
We don't need no education where the cat shat on the mat,
It's a welcome to the wasteland,

John (Maca) and isi in full Bakanalia regalia. John passed away in July 2017.