Not a Morning Person.

It's Monday Morning, it's pissing down with rain,
I don't want to go to work, I can't face the strain,
I've got no words to say to anyone.
I don't want to go to work though there's work to be done.

I had a little anaesthetic late last night
And it's gone right to my head,
I've got the best intentions in the world
But I can't get them out of the bed.

I've got no good mornings to say to anyone,
I can't even summon up the mental age to read "The Sun".
It's Monday morning, I'm feeling ill,
Please cancel my engagements,say I have a slight chill.

Why wasn't I born one of them things
Wot hangs upside down in the trees,
I'd just dangle around on me branch all day,
And scratch away all of my fleas.

In my head there's an ache, in my body there's a pain,
I haven't got the energy to disengage me brain,
I've got a very sensitive nose,
And it just doesn't like what it feels outside the bed clothes.

Why wasn't I born spirogyra,
That's just about my size,
I'd just cruise around in me pond all day
And photosynthesize.

It's Monday morning, it soon comes round again
I'm going to get up when I've counted to ten
1-2--3-4-5-etc fade.