Jehovah's Windows

Well, who's that knocking on my door, it's that knock I dread,
They always call when you're in the shower or half asleep in bed,
You know they've come to take away your money and your sins,
As you watch the milk of human kindness go running down their

"We happened to be in the area", that's what they always say,
And grin at you as if to say "this is your lucky day!"
"We've come about your windows that you need to replace,
And we've got out foot inside your door and our hands inside your

So, come and buy Jehovah's Windows, sign on the dotted line,
Give us your soul, your money until the end of time,
Why don't you surrender, who put up a fight,
Just open up Jehovah's Windows, so you can see the light!

Now, your existing windows, they really are the pits,
They'll take with them your walls and roofs when they fall to bits,
Followed by that fitted kitchen that we sold to you,
So climb up onto the watchtower and get a grandstand view.

Now it's no good trying a gentle hint, we have no sense of shame,
We'll just carry on patronising you while your dinner goes up in
We get a fat commission when all is signed and sealed,
And a timeshare villa in heaven on completion of the deal.

So, come and buy Jehovah's Windows, sign on the dotted line...

Don't think that you can slam that door, it would all be in vain.
We'll just crawl down the chimney pot or wriggle through the
We'll seep through any orifice you're not safe on the loo,
'Cos like gremlins we'll swim round the bend,
And grab a hold of you.

You can say that you're a hindu, an agnostic or the Pope,
But we're the universal salesmen and we'll never give up hope,
We'll never leave 'til your resistance goes without a trace,
And you're left all double glazed, just like the expression on your

So, come and buy Jehovah's Windows, sign on the dotted line..."