Truer Shade of Blue

When you were young and in your prime,
Your belly full of rage and fire,
You stood out with Trotsky on the barricades,
That Little Red Book there to inspire you,
And that poster of Che Guevara, it hung on your wall for years,
You thought you were going to change the world and watch it all
come crashing down around their ears,
But the years have flown past so quickly, and it's strange but oh,
so true,
That flag once red with the wrokers' blood now flies a truer shade
of blue.

You were the young icon of the left, you argued deep, deep into
the night,
No clouds to block your vision, the truth was there in black and
And you wore Fidel Castro's cap, it sat squarely on your head,
Now you talk in hushed voices along the corridors of power,
One day soon you'll be a minister it's said..
And now Maggie Thatcher's knickers, they seem the perfect fit for
AS they hang out on your washing line, in a truer shade of blue.

You've gotten wealth, you've gotten image, you've protected and
survived alright,
And now you worry about those demons, and things that might go
bump in the night,
You want a good school for your children, you want investments
that will grow,
As you drifted into the middle of the road and onto the other side,
Safe within that comfort zone..
And as you find yourself saying the things you said you'd never
say, just like your parents used to do,
And the political litmus paper has turned a truer shade of blue.

Your feet are firmly on the ladder, you're a winner in the game,
You joined the congregation, you even sing in the choir, that
revolution never came anyway,
But sometimes through the opium you catch a glimpse in the
mirror, reflecting those far off long gone days,
You try telling yourself it was a natural progression, just a passing
And as you contemplate power dressing for that important
Glad that you've been born again in a truser shade of blue.