The Melodeons are Coming. Track Information.

Second solo CD by Dave Taylor

This is the second installment of my songs and just like “Under the Baseball Cap” is a mixture of some recent efforts and others written in a former life during the seventies. I hope that they cover a range of emotions and styles and will be both amusing and thought provoking. I’ve tried to cover a variety of life
experiences and styles of music while keeping my own particular stamp. One of the reasons I do a lot of comedy material is that if I try to sing seriously it can end up sounding like a camel farting
through a wet loaf of bread. That is why I’ve borrowed quite a lot of voices for various songs on the CD. Most people who know me realise that most of what I write isn’t supposed to be taken too

I’ve now written between 70 and 80 songs and could only realistically put 14 of them on this latest spasm -“Melodeons” was particularly requested by folk at Sidmouth. The instrument can be really ace in the right hands, but invariably melodeons turn up at folk festivals in panzer divisions. Banjo players really like the song for some reason! Speaking of banjos, I thought that I had achieved the ultimate in
cheapo recording by including the banjo I bought from Mervyn for £25 in the 70’s but John Hunter’s Oxfam mandolin for £5 last year puts this in the shade. Sounds OK though!

The Ballad of Norman Thorne.

I know bonus tracks are a bit gimmicky, but I didn’t really know what else to do with ‘Norman’.
I latched onto the story of the “chicken run murder”in Crowborough, Sussex,when my mother showed me Norman’s signature in an old Sunday School prize book. I read an excellent account of the crime by my namesake Rupert Taylor in “Murders of Old Sussex”.The author really brings out the irony in the tale. It’s a tad under 15 minutes -great if a club organiser asks you to “just do one”. I’m giving it as a CD single with this album.

All songs written by Dave Taylor except "Weary Old Folk Tune" -trad -lyrics by Dave Taylor, "Truer Shade of Blue", based on "Whiter Shade of Pale" by Procul Harum(Brooker,Reid), Cube Records ,1967, BSA Bantam 1963 based on Vincent Black Lightning, 1952 by Richard Thompson, Capitol Records, 1991.

General Info

Guest musicians:-

Erik Bellamy: Slide guitar on "Honky Tonk Heart".
John Hunter: Mandolin on "Weary Old Folk Tune", tenor banjo on "Not a Morning Person",melodeon on "The Melodeons are Coming", fiddle of "Worst Irish Band".
Keith Phelpstead:Lead vocal on "Honky Tonk Heart".
Fred Semple: Mandolin on "Eridge Valley Cowboy".
John Mc Donald: Vocals and bodhran on "Worst Irish Band".
Julia Taylor: Harmony vocal on Heaven's Gate.

Cover Design by Keith Phelpstead

Support Your Neighbourhood Fanatic

Written at that time when the world seemed to be sandwiched between extremist Muslim fanatics and fundamentalist Christian fanatics with the rest of us the meat in the sandwich.

Weary Old Folk Tune

There are thousands of folk songs, but only about a dozen tunes - this is a bit of historical speculation as to how this might have come about.

(Sailing on My) Morning Cloud

An earlier song this -dating from the seventies and the only ‘lurve’ song I’ve ever written. The lady it was written for never got to hear it though as is often the way. Just trying to avoid saying“this song is
about a failed relationship”(cringe!)

Not a Morning Person

I’m not a morning person and this is just about trying to drag yourself out of bed for work on a Monday morning.

Company Man

Written in the seventies again about the time of the punk explosion - I think it’s still a bit relevant in these days of targets and singing the company song - just try to imagine the vomit and the broken glass.

BSA Bantam 1963

A poor man’s version of the Richard Thompson classic ‘Vincent Black Lightning’. Follow the adventures of Little Wally and Big Gladys on the road to Brighton.

Easter Leaver

The only song that I’ve written about teaching in those misguided days when I taught in a secondary school - The pains used to leave at Easter and not do their exams.

The Melodeons are Coming

The world is invaded and taken over by aliens who enslave the population and force them to play endless tunes. Written at Sidmouth Folk Festival a few years ago.

The Eridge Valley Cowboy

Written in Sussex in the seventies where traditional farming was being taken over by “horsiculture”. Also remembering a certain royal family member who regularly parted company with her equine friend.

A Truer Shade of Blue

Mr Blair was once floored by a question on Radio 4 which asked him what the 18 year old TB would have thought of himself as PM - it’s really about us all though.

Jehovah’s Windows

About a Jehovah’s Witness who sells double glazing. I just hope the JW’s have no equivalent to the Fatwah.

The Worst Irish Band in the World

The Celtic music boom produced some great Irish bands -this song is about the other kind.

Honky Tonk Heart

A fun tibute to Mick and Keith et al..

Heaven’s Gate

Written about the incredible life of the painter Johannes Koelz-a brilliant exhibition at Leicester’s New Walk
Museum.-visit to find out.