This is the third CD of my songs to escape(reluctant to say "be
released"), and it's nicknamed the "bus pass album", as 60 is now
well in the rear view mirror. The tracks are dedicated to the host of
musicians that I'be busked along with over the past ten years or
so, particularly those around the Leicester area. Some of them are
featured on the tracks included.

The album is a shade over an hour, which some musicians have
advised is too long, but unfortunately, these days, I'm in the habit
of writing faster than I can record, so there's always a bit of a
backlog. The format is basically the same as on "Baseball Cap"
and "Melodeons", mainly not too serious songs interspresed with
a few on the more serious side.

The songs are also dedicated to my late father, Harry Taylor,
whose sense of humour and proportion I seem to have inherited.

All songs written and arranged by Dave Taylor except The
Barmaid (trad. arr Dave Taylor), Reality TV(based on Every
Breath You Take by Sting[A and M Records 1983]), Titanic(based
on My Heart Will Go On by James Horner[Sony
Entertainment{Canada,Inc} 1998]) and In the Gateau(based on In
the Ghetto by Scott Davis [RCA Records, 1969])
All tracks arranged and produced by Dave Taylor using Cakewalk
Home Studio and Blaze Audio Wave Creator.
Final mix by Greg Tempest at Gregs Music Room, Mountsorrell, Leics


Written after a protracted dispute with the DWP over our son’s Disability Living Allowance, but will
strike a chord with anyone who has had to deal with a frustrating world in which incompetence, under
the PR gloss, in both public and private bodies seems to be the rule rather than the exception.

The Barmaid

On the theme of frustration, we’ve all, I’m sure had the experience of feeling invisible when trying to get served at a bar. Listen to the Threlfall sisters’ version of the original “Bushes and Briars”!

Wheels of Change

This was written in the seventies as part of a planned production about ‘Captain Swing’, the name used by the agricultural labourers of the home counties during the revolt of 1830. The production never actually saw the light of day, but I thought I’d include the song anyway. Hard to
believe that Sussex was once a hotbed of sedition!

Reality TV

Written as a result of watching 10 minutes of a program called ‘Big Brother - honestly, I was just
engaged in research!

Music to Twitch To

In the late eighties and nineties it looked as if music written by computers was going to replace music
written by human beings. Thank goodness the current crop of young bands are recreating the art of
songwriting and being able to play - let’s assign rave, hip-hop, etc to the dustbin!

Titanic(the true story)

Forget Kate and Leonardo; this is the real story of those star-crossed lovers on that ill-fated voyage.

The Circle Game

Written in the eighties when ‘an alehouse I frequented’ was taken over by social workers - the
phenomenon of the “yummies” (young upwardly mobile Marxists) had arrived. I’ve already had a go at the Tory Party at prayer and on horseback in previous albums so it’s only fair to have a swipe at the extreme left, who confuse sociology with socialism.


The age of mass communication definitely has its downside.

Daddy, Don’t become a Morris Dancer.

Why else would they do it, except to get revenge on their teenage offspring?

Harry’s War

This is mainly about ‘post traumatic stress disorder’, which doesn’t appear to have acquired a set of
initials until the Americans started to suffer from it. It must be as old as war itself. Also a tribute to my
late father, a veteran of Dunkirk and El Alamein.

In the Gateau

Included solely for the purpose of unleashing my dreadful Elvis impersonation on an unsuspecting


About a rather annoying neurotic dachsund, encountered some thirty or so years ago. I’ve just about

Faraway Gone

Written as a result of doing the ironing while listening to Kate Rusby. Remembering an old family Bible
and portraits on the wall of my grandparents home in Sussex.

Little Wooden Self

When Julia first heard this, she asked “what were you on when you wrote that?” Nothing but
Shipstone’s bitter and listening to the songs of Roy Harper.
Guest Musicians

Jake Beamish: Hurdy gurdy, harmonica on Harry’s War.

Erik Bellamy: Mandola on Faraway Gone, slide guitar on Gobbindownmimobile.

Terry Gimson: Accordion on Morris Dancer.

John Hill: Mandolin on Wheels of Change.

John Hunter: Tenor banjo on Monty.

Keith Phelpstead: Vocal on Music to Twitch to.

John McDonald: Voiceover and vocal on Titanic.

Fred Semple: Mandolin on Faraway Gone and Morris Dancer, ‘guitarwithnoname’ on

Martin Tabraham: Border pipes on Harry’s War.

Julia Taylor: Harmony vocal on Faraway Gone.

Jan Tunnicliffe: Accordion on Harry’s War.

Eleanor Wesley: Harmony vocal on Morris Dancer, ringtone and soundbite on Gobbindownmimobile.

Thanks once again to Keith Phelpstead for the cover design. The scene depicted was actually
witnessed in real life at Beworth Folk Festival about five years ago.