We want you to feel empowered, enhanced and in control
It says so on our mission statement blu-tacked to the wall
We're investors in people, our assertive stategy is to
Facilitate our vision and achieve transparency

We believe in customer service, quick march at the double
Satisfaction guaranteed , nothing's too much trouble
We are the smarmy army, we march in perfect time
And if you're needing of assistance you can contact our

Yet all in all if the truth be known
When the chips are down, you're on your own

Cos we don't give a toss, we don't give a toss
It's just a load of bullshit underneath the gloss
We'll hide behind a desk while they nail you to a cross
To us you're just a number, you'll be no great loss

We are from the ministry with no faces and no names
Ticking little boxes to amuse our little brains
We promise that we'll phone you back,but you know pigs might
We've lost the form you sent us so you'll have to re-apply

Well with our new promotion we will fill your cup
But you won't see our arse for dust when it goes belly up
We're sorry you're a loser, but we know we're Ok
We robbed you of pension and we gambled it away

Cos we don't give a toss, we don't give a toss

God bless the politicians who promise us the skies
Dealing from the bottom of their pack of lies
It's information management, as the words trip off the tongue
Feathering our nests with all the wool we've spun

Cos we don't give a toss, we don't give a toss