Reality TV
Reality TV
Reality TV
Every breath you take
Every ego trip you make
Everything half baked
Every brain-dead state
We'll be watching you

Every comment so dumb,
Every beat of your own drum
Every chew of the gum
Every scratch of the bum
We'll be watching you

Oh can't you see
This is reality TV
I'm so lost for words
Where do they get all these nerds?

Every trumpet that blows
Every bozo pose
Every pick of the nose
God only knows
Why we're watching you

We'll all agree it's the total pits
To assemble such a load of complete dimwits
Just like our forefathers got their kicks
Gazing at the Bedlam lunatics
Oh let me off the planet please….

Oh won't you listen to me, I'm just a wannabee
But, hey, listen I'm gonna be a celebrity,(say) and bring the
world the gift of my wonderful personality…If yer know worra
mean like innit!

Every source of earache
All the wind you break
What a woeful state
It's got to be a piss-take
That we're watching you.

Just like a fly on the wall
Watching things that crawl
We'll be watching you.

Just like a trip to the zoo now, you're sitting on the loo now "hey, look, he's just done a great big poo now" - we'll be watching you!

Yes, we'll be watching you now
Just like being at the zoo now,
Hey, you're sitting on the loo now,
We've got a bird's eye view now,
Eh, look, he's just done a great big poo now!
Yes, we're watching you.