Music to Twitch To

Well, we're well into the 21st century,
And the Earth is still spinning and we're still breathing,
In avery lunar dive in all the stellar cafes
We can hear the sound echoing along the Milky way
Ba ba ba ba ba ba..

It's as easy as learning your ABC,
Played on every starship in the galaxy,
It's becme a part of the way of life,
Of all the guys and gals in the universe and his wife

It's music that we all just stand around and twitch to...

Well there'll be no more surfing in the USA
Cos everyone's twitching the night away,
No more locomotion, no more musical roots,
Just zippy little men in zippy little suits..

music that we all just stand around and twitch to..

It's number one on Venus and on Alphe Centaur,
In New York, in Moscow and in Ulan Bator,
It's the music of the future, the music of the past,
Well, even the French have caught on at last
Ba ba ba ba ba ba

So roll over Beethoven and Shostakovich,
Go in with a flourish, come out with a twitch,
Through the rub-a-dub machine desensitized,
All under the watch of the tribal eye,
ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

Food from a tube, food from a tube
A tablet a day takes all your cares away
A voice like burnt metal singing in my head
Taking me to the land of the braindead
ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

Well, the twitch police drive round in tanks
To blot rock and roll from your memory banks,
As the lone DJ plans the final rave
As the ghost of dear old Elvis turns in his grave
Ba ba ba ba ba ba

The just one push of a button by a faceless face,
Winds up the rhythm to a maic pace,
Twitch 'til you drop 'til your very last breath,
As the blind lead the blind in the dance of death,
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba