Another collection of serious and not so serious songs -

Too Many Cooks (3.31)
Written about the glut of TV chefs, which although not watching the box that much, seemed to be on every time that I did.
The Teenagers are Coming (3.22)
We undoubtedly had our daft fashions as well, though surely none quits so daft as the current one with the jeans?
The Man who Grows the Corn (5.39)
Remembered from time working on various farms throughout the country.
Crap at Cricket (5.04)
This song had to be buried for a bit when we went and won the ashes two weeks after writing it, but it has been all to relevant at various
stages in the nation's sporting history.
Longing (4.15)
Val's song which conjures up all kinds of images of "Lord of the Rings" and that sort of thing.
Blame it on the Male Menopause (5.16)
Does it exist? Doesn't it ? A 'lil 'ole country song.
Golden Bough (3.28)
Originally written for a competition to write a song for the National Forest which I was unable to go to but kept the song anyway.
Change your Partners (4.53)
Someone has described this as a musical version of the "Jeremy Kyle Show" - apologies to anyone whose name appears in it.
Last Closing Time (5.17)
A lament for the slow demise of the English pub - a subject dear to my heart.
Pebbledash (3.16)
After reading about a piece of modern art in a gallery somewhere that had been scrawled on by some yobs with a black felt tip pen and it
was nine years before anyone noticed.
Dick the Shit (2.52)
An interpretation of the Richard lll cointroversy done in about 2 minutes rather than a 300 page book. PS: I know there were cannons at the
Battle of Bosworth - they were on their lunch break!
I'm OK Jack Blues (3.45)
Written in the mid 1970s after being forced for a time to commute from Sussex to London. Perhaps there is still a message there.
Come Back Ebenezer (3.30)
Written after being caught in a trolley logjam in Asda just before Christmas and having to listen to "Mistletoe and Wine" etc. PS: I do
actually like Slade - it's just the 3 million times!.
Other Side of the Hill (5.07)
From a poem my dad wrote which I can only remember the gist of.
Famous Belgians (0.28)
This has been known to have been sung in 25 seconds on occasions.

So volume 4 escapes down its knotted sheet from a high window. Thanks once more to those of you who've given their time to add their vocal/instrumental talents to this CD, although in a couple of cases you may think that it was in a former lifetime that you did this. This is due to an ageing complaining computer and people offereing me work when I'm supposed to be retired, hence having taken about 4 years to
complete this project. 14 and a bit trackswith the usual mixture of daft and serious.

All songs written by Dave Taylor except Longing, lyrics by Val Marshall-George, tune by Dave Taylor, Pebbledash, based on Matchstalk Men by Brian Burke, Michael Coleman cw EMI Music Co/Parrott Music, 1978: The Teenagers are Coming based on Wild Mountain Thyme by Francis McPeake cw: Universal Music Publishing Group, 1957.

Guest Musicians:-

Erik Dryden: Home made stratocaster on "Too Many Cooks".
Martin Tabraham: Low D whistles on "Longing".
Greg Lint: Violin on "Last Closing Time".
John Hunter: Tenor banjo on "Pebbledash".
Chris Coleman: Mandolin on "Male Menopause" - part of the "Tumble-in Country band"!
Julia Taylor: Harmony vocal on "Longing".

"Crap at Cricket" ," Pebbledash", "Famous Belgians" original mix/master by Neil Morgan from temporary recording
studio at Shrewsbury Folk Festival - other/additional recording at home using Cubase LE and final mixing/mastering and making some kind of "order out of chaos" by Greg Tempest at Greg's Music Room.

Cover designs by Keith Phelpstead