oo Many Cooks

My TV woke me from my sleep
A man in a rainbow shirt called Felipe
Cooking up a frizzle for all he's worth
Dishing up a storm from the corners of the earth
He can slice that carrot like a man possessed
Saying " Buy my book, you can be the best."

Switch the channel there's a helicopter man,
Playing a concerto for the frying pan
Ingredients your grandma would never ever dream saying
"Hey, look at me, I'm a personality!"
Or an actress well past my sell by date
But I'll hand you the world on a dinner plate

And what can the government do?
To keep the customers satisfied
Your dreams can't ever come true,
It's wishful thinking and it's cold outside
Too many cooks, too many cooks
Too many pages in the recipe books
Delia's gone, Fanny and Johnny adieu
And they just don't make 'em like they used to do..

When all's said and done it's a total disgrace
Continents starve while we're stuffing our face
One can only hope that God forgives
Seeing how the other half lives
When the rains don't come and the harvest fails
Felipe's off to capture migrating quails

"Put it in the oven,Eric!"

And what can the government do…