The Teenagers are Coming
(to tune of Wid Mountain Thyme)

Oh, the teenagers are coming,
And their trousers are descending,
And that wild waist line,
Is towards their ankles heading
Cool Dude, yo, Cool Dude,yo!

And we'll all look daft together
LIke we've crapp-ed ourselves big time
And it don't look none too clever
With our jeans slung low.

With the crotch around my knees
On a downward spiral going
What happens if I sneeze?
And my underpants are showing
Cool Dude, yo Cool Dude yo!

And we'll all look daft together...

With one arm around my lassie,
And the other to me kecks a clinging
How cruel would be my fate
If my mobile phone starts ringing
Cool Dude, yo, Cool Dude, yo!

And we'll all look daft together..

With my sideways baseball cap,
I will surely wind up m y mother.
"You can't go out dressed like that"
But I'll just say "I int bovvered"
Cool Dude,yo, Cool Dude, yo

And we'll all look daft together..