Other Side of the Hill

Intro: D/G/D/A D/G/D/A fig

In a (D)far land, in the (F#m)distance
(Gbar)There's a mother and (D)small child(A),
And she (D)cries as she (F#)stumbles (Bm)along the (F#)dusty
(Gbar)Discussions on the (F#m)TV, and(B) fingers point the
(Abar)While the guns do the (G#m)talking,
It's the(G) same old story(D) over a(A)gain.

D/G/D/A fig

On the(D) two sides of a(F#m) city,
(Gbar)Hearts and minds seem(D)forever closed(A),
As the(D)smoke drifts in(F#)billows a(Bm)cross the
(G)Where the sins of the(F#m) fathers haunt the (B)daughters
and the(C#m) sons,
(A bar)And no one seems to (G#m)notice all the(G) love songs
under the (D)gun(A)fire.

But on the (C)other (A)side of the (C)hill,
There'll be(folk G) new songs to(D) sing,
More(Bm) winding roads to (F#m)follow,
And(G bar) more deep rivers to(A) swim.
Here's(D) to our children's' (C)children,
And (G)all their hopes and (Asus)fears(A),
As they (D)try to build Jer(folk G)usalem
From(E7) all our poisoned (A7sus)years(A7).


Though that (D)hill seems so(F#m) steep and long,
(G bar)And we carry a (D)heavy load(A),
(D)One day we can (F#)reach the top of that(Bm) rough and
(F#)rocky (Bm)road,
(Gbar)Keep your love light(F#m) shining, and (B)don't let out the
(A bar)Don't give up, you're the (G#m)only hope
For a(G) world so full of (D)sorrow and(A) shame.

But on the other side of the hill,

(C)Storms u(G)pon the (Am)ocean wave,
Were(C) like a (E)ship lost at (F)sea(G),
(C bar)Tossed by those(G) winds of war,
(Bb)Far from that(F) peaceful shore,
By(Em) those who are out for (B7)gain,
By(Em) those who sell death and pain(A/G).


In the (D)playground of a(F#m) city school,
(G bar)Children sing to their (D)skipping rhymes(A),
(D)Teddy bear, teddy bear (F#)say your prayers
To the(Bm) rhythm(F#) of the (Bm) drum,
(G bar)All playing the(F#m) same game through the (B)laughter
and the (C#m)tears.
(A bar)Giving hope for the (G#m)future, through(G) all those
hard and(D) dangerous (A)years.


But on the other side of the hill,
Finish with

D/G/D/A D.G/D/Asus(5th pos)