There's an Alien Taken Over My Brain

With my nose stuck down in the pillow
Pictures flashing through my head
So many wheels which won't stop turning
With no connection or thread
A backdrop of ever changing scenes
Like I can't switch off the TV
Can't wind down from overdrive
And I know I'm going to get no sleep tonight

The people here they seem so real
As soon as I shut my eyes
With a thousand voices that follow each other
With no apparent reason or rhyme
Like water dripping upon a stone
Saying "this is your virtual hell"
To a prisoner hallucinating
And staring at the walls of his cell

There's an alien taken over my brain
And he won't give it back again
He's driving me down the fast lane
To the rhythm of the insane
Why won't he let me rest in peace
Why won't he let me rest in peace
He'll hound me all night long
And as far as I know I've done him no wrong

How did he get through my defences
How did this virus get a hold
He's infected my files and made me his slave
My operating system is under his control
No amount of willpower can win back the night
He's pulling all the triggers, he's pulling all the strings
There's a black cloud hovering and blocking all the light…

There's an alien taken over my brain