Promised Land

The journey has been hard and long
My morning eyes are bleary
Tired of jumping over fences
Of this crazy world I'm weary
As I look down that way ahead
Perhaps my eyes deceive me
Sometimes it's close enough to touch
Sometimes I think I'm dreaming

Around me on all sides I see
Thieves and lawyers claiming
Insurance men say they're your friends
But your life they're slowly draining
I won't believe their promises
Don't listen to their scheming
Their breath is wasted in the wind
As I wander off day dreaming

I'm going to lay to rest my weary head
No more spinning round and round
My days will be my own to keep
When I wind that clock forever down
Do all the things I've wanted and
Still have time in hand
This promise to myself I'll keep
When I reach that promised land.

Sometimes that rainbow seems so near
In immaculate deception
I almost touch it when that road
Changes its direction
Those voices offer me bad news
With shallow sophistication
And pictures of that crock of gold
In my imagination


When I get to that promised land, sit on that golden shore
I'll offer up thanksgiving, I'll tread that wheel no more
I'll tell myself breathe easy now, cast off that ball of lead
Forget about that old grey cloud that hung around your head

I'm out of gear I'm in freewheel
I'm going through the motions
Yet sometimes in my heart I feel
I've swum ten thousand oceans
Not looking for a bigger deal
Or mountains to be climbing
Just leave me with this song to sing
Don't count the cost of rhyming.