Keep that Whistle Blowing

There are those who cover up their deeds
Beneath a pack of lies,
And try to weave a tangled web
To cover their backsides.
The highre up the ladder you climb,
The more snakes in the tree;
Cash in plain brown paper envelopes,
Get out of jail free.

Shenanigans in the government
Are under the carpet swept,
As the sluge that eat the finest leaves,
In the best hotle are kept;
As squillions they are squandered,
Profits trousered by the few,
And the lawyers line their pockets
Just like they always do!

So keep that whistle blowing,
Play that old sweet song,
I want to hear that whistle blow,
So blow it hard, blow it long;
Blow it loud and clear,
So all the world can hear,
Just to hear that whistle blowing
Brings sweet music to my ears.

Somebody has blundered
And poisoned all the wells,
But you can rely on the golf club tie
To silence all the bells;
Untouchable the board room babble
Where they make the rules,
Money changers in the temple
That take us all for fools.

So keep that whistle blowing...

Gangsters in the cupboard,
As the scales fall from our eyes,
You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours
As the fleas begin to bite;
We'll hoist the double standard,
Like an eagle on the flag,
Policemen in our pocket,
Democracy in a gag,

So keep that whistle blowing...