Rose Scented Glasses

It's nearly 4 years since the last time we blew it
So 'ere we go again!" time to put you all froo it
Those high expectorations, talk of 1966, out of the
Goldfish bowl into the fire, your hopes all in bits
We said we was gonna win this time, 3 Lions on our flag.
Now we've gambled all our eggs, kicked ourselves in the foot, sick as parrots on the plane back
All those open goals wot we missed and those penalties wot they saved,
If Sir Alf Ramsey woz alive today e'd be turnin' in 'is grave

We're gonna lose it, we're gonna lose it
Then we'll 'ave to come 'ome and face the music
And when those winning German goals go in
It'll be déjà vu all over again,
We fought we'd turned over a new broom an' all
Now I'd love to me a mole on that dressing room wall
But if you fought we'd string together more than two passes
You'd be looking at the world fru rose scented glasses

Now we're one nil up, but when it weally matters
Can we withstand this entouwage they're frowin at us
However you interpwetate, you can't make sense
Of the total demolishment of our defence
The wefewee has stopped the game they're calling 'im arf witted,
Now e's got iz got iz notebook art to see what indiscwepancies have been committed,
But it was just the Bwazilians over exubewated goal celebwation
And the measurements he took just served to further exaspewate the situation

Gonna lose it...

So now we bin and gone and lost, our chance is come and gone,
You said what we was gonna do and that's what we done,
The manager got the tactics wrong is what the papers say
We need a more tactile manager to teach us how to play
Though we ran our socks into the ground, and showed great integrity
We're all integral players , but in four years time you'll see
We'll think the world will be our lobster yet still get taken to the cleaners
Or go out on penalties to Spain or Argentina..

Gonna lose it, gonna lose it
Cos we'll get dumped out on our rich arses.