Fourteen tracks over quite a spectrum of serious and frivolous. Perhaps a bit more frivolous than previous offerenings as quite a lot of stuff has gone on since the last album which can't really be ignored. Once again thanks to all those on the music scene around Leicestershire who have provided encouragement and to those who have given their time and patience to assist in the production.
I hope my attempts at mandola , theremin, accordion and bass playing have been just about OK enough. Thanks again to Greg Tempest for making some kind of sense out of my rather basic recording techniques. December 2017.

1. There's an Alien Taken Over my Brain (4.07)
2. Promised Land (4.04)
3. All the World's a Stage (4.30)
4. Haunted (4.30)
5. Eighties Song (4.30)
6. Keep that Whistle Blowing (4.01)
7. (If only I'd Worn my) White Boots (3.03)
8. Harbour Lights (4.22)
9. Leonard Cohen's Shantymen (2.22)
10. Glow-worm (9.26)
11. Blue Arsed Fly (2.40)
12. Ye Greedy Bastards All ( 4.41)
13. Rose Scented Glasses (4.39)
14. Range Rover ( 3.52)